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Absentee Ballots

Can I vote absentee? Connecticut has strict laws regarding who can vote absentee.

  • Are you an active member of the armed forces of the United States?
  • Will you be out of town during all the hours of voting on Election Day?
  • Does illness prevent you from voting in person on Election Day?
  • Do your religious beliefs prevent you from performing secular activities like voting on Election Day?
  • Will you be performing duties as an election official at a polling place other than your own during all the hours of voting on Election Day?
  • Do you have a physical disability that prevents you from voting in person on Election Day?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are eligible to vote absentee.

Apply Now:

Complete the application below and give or mail it to the Waterford Town Clerk at 15 Rope Ferry Rd., Waterford, CT 06385, or to the municipal clerk of your place of residence. Please apply early enough to allow for transit of your application, the delivery of your absentee ballot, and your submission of that absentee ballot. All absentee ballots must be submitted to your Town Clerk by no later than 8pm on Election Day in order to be counted.

English Application for Absentee Ballot

Solicitud de Voto Ausente en EspaƱol

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