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Media Archives

See all the articles, interviews, and letters to the editor written about the Waterford Greens from 2013-2014: 


Education issues raised in 38th House debate

The Day - 10/30/2014

By Tess Townsend

Waterford - Education issues played a prominent role in Wednesday's debate among the three candidates for the 38th District seat in the state House of Representatives.

Green Party candidate Billa Collins, Republican candidate Kathleen McCarty and Democratic candidate Marc Balestracci differentiated their stances on the New London Public Schools' plans to convert to the state's first all-magnet school district and the federally mandated Common Core State Standards Initiative.

McCarty, chairman of the Board of Education in Waterford, touted the district as a local leader in implementing Common Core, an educational initiative aimed at creating uniform achievement standards in schools across the nation.

"The local school boards still have total control over the curriculum," McCarty said.

Collins, who has worked as a professor at area colleges, criticized Common Core for emphasizing skills to the detriment of content, saying that the standards were leading to students not reading the entirety of classics such as "Moby Dick" but instead reading only portions of such books. The result, he said, was a loss of opportunity to learn about cultural touchstones.

"We're going to end up with a lot of kids that are corporate products that go through this program," he said....

Economics driving candidates for Ritter’s 38th District seat

The Day - 10/22/2014

By Tess Townsend

     Waterford - Voters in Waterford and Montville may be struck by the similarity of backgrounds among the three candidates vying to represent the 38th District in the state House of Representatives.

Republican Kathleen McCarty, Democrat Marc Balestracci and Green Party candidate Billy G. Collins all live in Waterford. All have some form of military experience on their resumes. McCarty and Collins come from backgrounds in education....

Want real change? Then vote Green Party

The Day - 10/18/2014

By G. Scott Deshefy

     Third party and unaffiliated voters understand the flaws in United States politics demanding defection, two-party revolving doors controlled by big money. Democrats and Republicans, held hostage by corporate and plutocrats' campaign donations, dance to the win-at-all-costs, profit-driven tune of American wealth....

Bill Collins Interview on "Thinking Green"

October 14th, 2014

Bill Clyde Interview on "Thinking Green"

September, 2014

Bill Collins Video Chat #2 - Education

Bill Collins Video Chat #1 - Local Economics

State Senate, House debates to be hosted by The Day, Eastern Connecticut Chamber

The Day - 9/1/2014

     The Day and the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut are collaborating to host a series of debates across the region in state Senate and House races. Also assisting in this effort will be the League of Women Voters of Southeastern Connecticut.

The debates will be one hour long, open to the public and available for later viewing on Audience members will have a chance to submit questions in writing. The chamber and The Day are also seeking questions online from their members and readers....

Collins gets Green Party slot in run for 38th District seat

The Day - 7/29/2014

Waterford - Town resident Bill Collins has won ballot access as the Green Party candidate for 38th District state representative seat, according to a Waterford Green Party press release.

The 38th District represents Waterford and Montville. The seat is being vacated by Betsy Ritter, who is seeking to represent the 20th District in the state Senate.

Waterford Green Party cites areas of growth

The Day - 7/7/2014

By Tess Townsend

Waterford - The fledgling Waterford Green Party has met some major milestones despite its growing pains.

Last week, party member Bill Collins won the state party nomination for the 38th District representative seat, making him the town party's first candidate for office. His 19-year-old son Baird Welch-Collins, who studies politics at Connecticut College, was recently nominated to represent the Connecticut Green Party in the Green Party National Committee.

"I'd say the party has definitely grown faster than I expected it to," said Welch-Collins, head of public relations for the town party.

The group, established by college students, began meeting in fall 2013 and became an official branch of the state party in January. Party members are finalizing their constitution and campaigning to ban plastic bags at town businesses. The group is working to put together a concert during Waterford Week to benefit the United Nations World Food Program....

State Green Party nominates Collins for 38th District

The Day - 7/2/2014

By Tess Townsend

Waterford – The state Green Party has nominated Waterford resident and Green Party member Bill Collins for the 38th District state representative seat being vacated by Betsy Ritter, who is running for the 20th District state Senate seat....

Waterford Green Party taps candidate to run for 38th District seat 

The Day - 6/24/2014

By Tess Townsend

Waterford — The Waterford Green Party announced Monday that Billy G. Collins will seek its party’s nomination to run for the 38th District state representative seat being vacated by Betsy Ritter, who is running for the 20th District state Senate seat.

Collins, who has a doctorate in American literature and is retired from a career in teaching, said Monday he would oppose the implementation of the Common Core standards in Connecticut schools and would promote the development of a state bank to hold state funds, saving the state bank fees....

Interview with WGP Founders - 1/16/2014


Green Party Gets Footing in Town

The Day; 12/5/2013

"Unsatisfied with the political candidates they could choose from, two 2013 Waterford High School graduates decided to take it upon themselves to make sure they would have candidates who they truly agree with..."

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