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Press & Media - 2015

With first win, Waterford Green Party optimistic

Published November 5, 2015 - The Day - By Martha Shanahan

Two years ago, the members of the Waterford Green Party were trying to just get candidates from their party on to the town’s ballot.

By the end of Election Day 2015, the small but determined group had successfully run a candidate for a townwide office — albeit in an uncontested race — and drummed up thousands of votes for the four candidates on the ballot.

They’re small victories, but town party co-chair Joshua Kelly, a 20-year old Wheaton College student, said they indicate a growing support for alternative candidates in the town.

Kelly was elected Tuesday as an alternate member of the Waterford Zoning Board of Appeals.

“We’re reaching people,” Kelly said. “It means that people want a new voice in the government.”...

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Waterford voters to choose from nine candidates for Waterford school board

Published October 27, 2015 - The Day - By Martha Shanahan

Members of the Waterford Board of Education vying for re-election say they’d like to stay for the new superintendent’s first year — but some candidates say they’d like to shake things up.

The new board is likely to keep at least a few familiar faces — of the eight [sic] candidates running for four [sic] open seats on the Waterford Board of Education this year, five are incumbents....

Several candidates said they were wary of standardized tests like those mandated by Common Core.

Kevin Kelly, the first Green Party candidate to run for the board, said he would like to see teachers creating “lifelong learners” rather than teaching to tests.

“The tests are needed for a gauge, and for some perspective, but it’s more interesting for me that we’re reaching the students,” he said.

He added that as a longtime administrator at Mitchell College, he can advise the board and the district’s employees on preparing students for college.

He said he is running with the Green Party — a fledgling local chapter in Waterford with a handful of candidates on the ballot — to promote the idea that local politicians don’t need to label themselves as Democrats or Republicans.

“There’s no reason to stick to a two-party system,” he said.

Kelly said the school board’s role is to get teachers the support and resources they need to balance testing requirements with their other teaching responsibilities.

“The classroom is where the rubber meets the road ... but from a distance, how can we as a board pull our collective efforts together to best support them?”

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Waterford voters to choose among six candidates for Board of Selectmen

Published October 27, 2015 - The Day - By Martha Shanahan

The Waterford ballot next week will include two candidates for first selectman: Democrat Peter W. Davis and Republican Daniel Steward, two experienced public administrators with different ideas about how the town should be planning for the future....

A fifth candidate for the Board of Selectmen, Billy Gene Collins, is running for selectman as a member of the Green Party, which has a handful of candidates on the ballot next week.

On the Green Party’s website, Collins said he is interested in preserving Waterford’s natural resources and improving the town’s infrastructure and school system.

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Waterford Green Party candidate has

reader excited

Published October 6, 2015 - The Day

As a lifelong Waterford resident, I am very happy to see our town expanding to include third party candidates for this election cycle. A prime example is Kevin Kelly’s Green Party candidacy for the Board of Education.

I have been privileged to work with Kevin for a number of years professionally in the world of higher education; however, I have been more fortunate to interact with him with various capacities regarding the children of our town. He has volunteered countless hours with the high school theatre program, Little League Baseball, senior league softball and on a church council. Kevin will bring a much needed perspective to the Board of Education. His can-do attitude and belief in educating the whole student to face today's and tomorrow’s challenges are just some of the qualities he will bring to the Waterford school board.

We need more people subscribing to the Green Party tag line of “fresh faces – fresh ideas” so that we can have a more diverse representation of ideas in our town government and town decision making. I hope others in town will join me as I vote for Kevin as a person who can bring new and creative ideas to the table in Waterford.

Kimberly Hodges


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Green Party a worthy alternative

Published October 2, 2015 - The Day

The Democrats and Republicans have, for decades, taken turns ruling over towns, states, and the country.

Generally, the populace will switch their vote from one to the other after they believe one party has made too many mistakes, and will switch their vote a few years later after they feel the second party has caused too many problems.

Through it all, the plurality of registered voters in Waterford don’t belong to either party. 48.8 percent of all voters in the town are unaffiliated, according to a 2014 report from Connecticut's secretary of the state.

It’s clear that many individuals do not feel represented by either party in town, and I believe it’s safe to say that many people registered as a member with one of the two major parties don’t agree with all the policies that their party promotes.

Therefore, in order to see a town government that works together to accurately represent the people, we need to see more unaffiliated candidates and more candidates from minor parties elected to office. I hope that the voters of Waterford will strongly consider voting for the Green Party candidates in November, since we haven’t seemed to enjoy a two-party system.

Selena Roy

Quaker Hill

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Waterford Gets Its (Green) Party On For

Election 2015

Published September 28, 2015 - Waterford High School Lancelot - By CJ Thibeau

Even though many United States’ citizens are told from an early age that it is integral part of our culture to be aware and active in our local, state, and federal government, a majority of US youth feel that politics are only for the older generation or that being involved would not make a difference. However, two alumni want to show their generation that this is not the case.

Joshua Kelly and Baird Welsh-Collins, members of the Class of 2013, have recently been making a name for themselves and their party in the local political scene. Unlike a majority of politicians in town, and even on a federal level, who typically run under the Democratic or Republican parties, Kelly and Welsh-Collins have been pushing to get the Green Party active and noticed on a local level....

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Great Green sprouts grown in Waterford

Letter to the Editor

The Day, Published September 10, 2015

Over the past two years I have followed the Waterford Green Party and watched it grow into a dedicated political party that practices its core values. Its diverse members have conducted community cleanups and fundraisers for a variety of important causes, including an annual Waterford High School scholarship.

I am so impressed by the service of this group and their commitment to hands-on action to better our lives. They can often be found on high-traffic roadways and public spaces (Douglas Lane, Waterford Beach, and Stenger Farm, to name only a few.)

Their volunteerism has led to a significant reduction of litter from our town’s public lands and hundreds of dollars donated to charitable organizations such as UNICEF and the World Food Program. I am excited to be a new member of a political party that rejects corporate influence and big-money campaigns. The vision and practices of the Waterford “Greens” offer community members opportunities to actively turn around a bleak fiscal and environmental future. I hope the community will support the local Green Party members in upcoming elections.

Margaret Welch


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Great time to vote for 3rd-party option

Letter to the Editor

The Day, Published August 28, 2015

Voters have an opportunity with many seats in local elections. We can vote for more than one candidate. For example, each voter in Waterford will have the ability to vote for five or six candidates, depending on the district, to represent them on the RTM. Since no major party is running that many candidates in any district, residents now have the ability to vote for their party and for third-party candidates without spoiling the election.

Over many years, from Ross Perot to Ralph Nader, voters have wanted to vote for third-party candidates but have been afraid to spoil an election for the major party with which they mildly agree. A 2014 Gallup Poll shows that approximately 58 percent of U.S. citizens want to see more than two parties become viable options in elections. If you belong to that 58 percent, vote for third-party candidates at the local level, where you can’t spoil the election! Only then can third-parties begin to grow on state and federal levels.

I hope that residents of Waterford will consider including Green Party candidates in their vote so that third parties can grow and Waterford can have new ideas and perspectives voiced in the town government.

Joshua Kelly


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Waterford Greens nominate candidates for November elections

The Day - Published July 05, 2015

Waterford — The local Green Party nominated five candidates Sunday to run in this November's municipal election, including Bill Collins for Board of Selectmen.

Collins, a longtime resident, ran unsuccessfully for state representative from the 38th District last fall as the Green Party candidate. A Navy veteran, he has taught at the University of Rhode Island, Waterford High School and the Community College of Rhode Island.

"I am interested in preserving Waterford's natural resources, improving the town's crumbling infrastructure, and improving our local school system," he said in the party's press release announcing the results of its nominating convention.

Also endorsed were Kevin Kelly for the Board of Education, Collins' son Baird Welch Collins for RTM District 2, Deborah Roselli Kelly for RTM District 3 and Joshua Steele Kelly for an alternate position on the Zoning Board of Appeals.

The party said it will begin helping its candidates campaign and collect signatures to obtain ballot access in the next few weeks, "and will work diligently to help educate the Waterford community about the platform of the Green Party, as one of the many challenges the party faces is a general lack of awareness."

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