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Waterford Green Party Leadership

Elected 12/2018

Carl D'Amato - Chair

Carl and his wife moved to Waterford in 2011 after their daughter was born so that she could grow up surrounded by grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Their family grew in 2013 when their son was born. 

Carl earned his B.A. In English at Stonybrook University on Long Island where he grew up, and his Master of Arts in Teaching from Marylhurst I Oregon where he lived for many years. He has a professional history that includes over 10 years in the insurance industry and 6 years as an elementary educator. He believes that each person has something to offer to the community. Carl has previously volunteered time with animal shelters, literacy programs, and food cooperatives. He was elected to the Waterford RTM in 2017 and served as the WGP Treasurer throughout 2018.

Contact Carl at [email protected]

Darcy Van Ness - Secretary

Darcy Van Ness is a life-long resident of Waterford, currently working at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. Darcy was elected as an alternate on Waterford's Zoning Board of Appeals last year. She is a graduate of the University of Connecticut, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Human Development and Family Studies while working at the Waterford Public Library. Darcy is passionate about sustainable accessibility, education, ethical land use, and community development.

Contact Darcy at [email protected]

Alex Kuvalanka - Director of Social Media

Contact Alex at [email protected]

Joshua Steele Kelly - Treasurer

Josh grew up in Waterford, graduating from WHS in 2013, and has dedicated his life to promoting social and political change. He will complete his Masters in Public Administration this year at UConn, and he previously completed his Bachelors degree at Wheaton College, MA. Josh currently serves as a Justice of the Peace for the State of Connecticut, as a member of the Waterford Conservation Commission, and as a Representative to the Waterford RTM. Josh has also conducted research on the topic of third party voting, which can be read here.

Contact Josh at [email protected], or at 860-912-7624.

Delegates to the State Central Committee

As per the Green Party of Connecticut bylaws, each local Green Party is invited to send one delegate to the SCC for every five registered Green Party members in the covered area. Our delegates for the 2019 calendar year are:

1. Nat Bush

2. Carin Estey

3. Billy G. Collins

4. Samuel Urban

5. Carl D'Amato

6. Alex Kuvalanka

Town Committee Members Emeritus

As per the Waterford Green Party bylaws, the Town Committee may unanimously vote to confer the title of "Town Committee Member Emeritus" to anyone who has served as a member of the Waterford Green Party's Executive Committee for no less than a term of one full year and who still lives in Waterford. To date, this title has been conferred upon:

1. Baird Welch-Collins (12/29/2018)

All members of the Waterford, CT Green Party leadership are volunteers, and are in no way monetarily compensated for their work. Elections for leadership positions are held each year at the December monthly meeting. The most recent election was held in December 2019. Please contact us to learn more about running in the next election.